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The road to commencement: Kevin Conley gives back

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Published: May 14th, 2009 • Category: Lead Story, Students

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While most students from the College of Medicine class of 2009 were preparing for their “big day” in May that included walking across the stage during commencement, Kevin Conley’s big day included walking down the aisle.

“I’m not only starting residency but a new life with my wife,” explained Conley, who was married last weekend and who also is the only student from his class to begin active duty service in the armed forces after graduation. “It’s been crazy trying to plan a wedding, graduation, honeymoon and a move to San Diego all at the same time.”

Conley, who was commissioned into the Navy upon graduating from the University of Notre Dame with his bachelor’s degree, will begin a residency in military medicine at Naval Medical Center San Diego.

He said he is excited to be able to give back to his country in such a unique way.

Kevin Conley, a naval officer, will be promoted to a U.S. Navy lieutenant during the 2009 College of Medicine graduation ceremony, on Saturday.

Kevin Conley, a naval officer, was promoted to a U.S. Navy lieutenant during the 2009 College of Medicine graduation ceremony, on Saturday, May 16.

“I want to serve my country,” Conley said. “It just makes sense. Plus, it didn’t hurt that they provided me with a full-ride to college.”

Conley was selected for the Health Professions Scholarship Program as a medical student. The program provides full tuition, books, fees and a stipend in return for a four-year commitment.

Conley, who grew up in a military family and whose father was a deep sea diver, has always had an admiration for the Navy.

When you combine a love for the Navy and love of medicine, you get one great military doctor.