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Beloved UF Health leader whose work has helped thousands of children passes away

By • Sep 22nd, 2015 • Category: Emergency Medicine, Faculty in the News, Pediatrics

Former chair of pediatrics whose work in public policy and in the NICU has helped thousands of children passes away.

A sheriff and a doctor team up to map childhood trauma

By • Mar 12th, 2015 • Category: Faculty in the News, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pathology, Immunology, and Laboratory Medicine

UF Health pathologist Nancy S. Hardt, M.D., teamed with Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell to improve the health and welfare of Gainesville residents living in a “hotspot” of poverty, child abuse and domestic violence.

Memoir recounts UF pediatrics chairman’s life as a resident

By • May 15th, 2014 • Category: Faculty in the News, Pediatrics

UF pediatrics chairman Scott A. Rivkees, M.D., reflects on residency life.

Activation of cell death gene triggered loss of phallus in bird evolution

By • Jun 7th, 2013 • Category: Aging and Geriatric Research, Faculty in the News

Most birds have evolved to lose a certain body part that is considered synonymous with reproduction. Researchers at the Genetics Institute at the University of Florida have discovered how this is happening on the cellular level, which could have far-reaching implications.

Realizing the dream

By • May 16th, 2013 • Category: Faculty in the News, Lead Story

The 131 graduates become physicians at the UF College of Medicine’s 53rd commencement ceremony.

Renowned physician passes

By • Apr 25th, 2013 • Category: Faculty in the News

On Tuesday, a valued friend to the UF College of Medicine and one of Alachua County’s most respected and beloved physicians, Dr. Cullen W. Banks.

UF anesthesiologist, patient advocate extraordinaire, medical device expert passes away

By • Dec 17th, 2012 • Category: Anesthesiology, Faculty in the News

David Paulus, M.D., passed away unexpectedly Dec. 12 as he slept. He was 67.

UF receives funding for research into blinding diseases

By • Dec 4th, 2012 • Category: Faculty in the News, Ophthalmology

UF College of Medicine’s department of ophthalmology received a grant of $110,ooo to support research into the causes, treatment and prevention of blinding diseases.

UF delivers promise of personalized medicine to heart patients

By • Jun 26th, 2012 • Category: Faculty in the News, Faculty Recognition, Medicine, Video

UF&Shands has joined leading medical center of the nation in taking a person’s genetic makeup into account during cardiac treatment.

Leading UF urologist appointed to elite organization

By • May 29th, 2012 • Category: Faculty in the News, Faculty Recognition, Urology

Dr. Johannes Vieweg was recently selected to be a member of the most elite organization in the field of urology.